By both our own internal – international – as well as external – local – team, we are able to provide 24/7 personal service. This will be taken care of by our team including commercial talents, technical talents as well as cultural talents.

With our aim to educate locals to create a better economy and environment, we started the Global Vossen Academy Foundation. The GVAF is a fully non-profitable organisation that will educate members participating countries on how to improve different local matters. You can think of human safety regarding excessive exposure to open electricity cables, as well as a human and environmental friendly lubrication of mining systems, to the improvement of crops and livestock.

Besides our existing product package that we believe is able to serve 99% of our targets, we are open to contribute to other projects. Whether it is about a very local issue (e.g. soil quality) or about a specific issue regarding large tank ships, we are here for you.


We are providing a wide range of services and products for agriculture and industrial corporations