Increased productivity & efficiency

One of the goals of Global Vossen our foundations, Agriculture without borders and Global Vossen Academy Foundation is to increase productivity and efficiency in fields like safety, environment and health in the Middle East, Africa and the Far East. We would like to realise improvements on all fields using our comfortable liquids. In the agricultural sector we would like to bring enhancements mainly on cattle, crops, poultry, camels, horses, goats and organic farming. In the industrials sector, we would like to facilitate the usage of machinery and the production process of industries like food processing, construction sites, transport organisations, metal industries, pharmaceuticals, mining industries and cleaning industries.

Quality & innovation

Global Vossen thrives to meet the highest standards in effectiveness and quality of every product, as well as environmentally approvable for the Middle East, Africa and the Far East. We do this by carefully developing each and every product and service separately, keeping in mind that market, environment and regulation differ in every continent and/or country. Products are being developed for specific needs and demands and will be adjusted to every change in these needs and demands.

Although we serve two different markets – agriculture and maintenance – we always manage to develop the two separate product ranges to the same high professional level.

Our innovative products are developed and produced in-house, by a highly educated and trained scientific team of engineers. Because of this, we can always assure our products to be created to the highest quality standards. And of course, our scientific expertise on all fields we serve, are the ones to assure highly innovative and effective products that meet all highly demanded desires and necessities.


We are providing a wide range of services and products for agriculture and industrial corporations