Environmentally responsible and sustainable

Lately, regulations try to abandon (amongst others) all chemicals used on crops, antibiotics for livestock in the West. On the other hand in the industrials sector it is important to improve the safety of products. We, as Global Vossen, want to contribute to make the world a better place. Not only the West should benefit from improvements regarding safety and environmentally friendliness, the whole world should. This is our mission.

Continents as the Middle East, Africa and the Far East, could benefit from gaining knowledge and opportunities of environmental and economic health. Through our Academy and products we educate people to create better environments for industries, animals and last but not least humanity.

Inhabitants of the Middle East, Africa and the Far East could sometimes not be aware of the harm certain products and methods can do to the soil, animals, a machine or more importantly, themselves. We want to bring awareness and fully support them in the process of improving/changing their rituals.


We are providing a wide range of services and products for agriculture and industrial corporations