Most of the time, you are not looking for a specific maintenance product, but for a maintenance solution. Generally that solution consists of a combination of effective customized advice and one or more fitting and effective maintenance products. Because we know like no other, that only in this way a real saving on production and labour expenses can be realized.


One can choose from a wide range of effective concentrated specialist cleaning products. Of which several are allowed to carry the mark “Ecologically efficient”.


A number of formally admitted, concentrated biocides are available for the control of micro organisms or verdigris.


If there are circumstances such as extreme high pressure and/or temperatures, the specialist lubricating oils and greases of VOSSEN are the right choice.


A number of high quality surface protection products have been developed for the protection of surfaces and materials. Products that, with the proper application advice, will provide an optimum and extremely durable protection. And that makes the surface look better or as new again.


We are providing a wide range of services and products for agriculture and industrial corporations