Healthy roots foundation for optimal development plant

Roots take care of the intake of nutritional substances from the soil or the substrate. That intake is an active process that costs the plant energy and with which oxygen is also necessary.

A disturbed root development because of a level of acidity that is too low or too high, a disturbed soil life or harmful substances (incl. top dressing), immediately leads to a loss of growth and production. For the plant is then not capable to take the necessary nutritional substances in or cannot take these in fast enough.

A bad development of the roots also detracts from the condition and the resistance of a plant. Certain pathogenic bacteria and mould will have more chance.

Few of the many problems occuring at agricultural companies

Reduce the dropout during rearing

At the moment, the dropout during the rearing at an average dairy farm is 5% around the birth, in weeks 1 up to 4 at 5% and after that at another 5%. Causes around the birth are genetically determined, have to do with the management or with the care. In weeks 1 up to 4, dropout is mainly due to the housing, the food and the hygiene. After that, the food and the management are the malefactors.

The costs as a result of calf mortality, diarrhea, respiratory problems and therefore loss of production, are very high for an average business with 80 cows (and so 120 young stock). For these businesses it is a major advantage if start problems can be reduced with 25%.

Snorting and sneezing is also oppressive for operating efficiency. Every respiratory disorder is at the expense of the growth. For a bad respiratory condition hinders a good feed intake and utilization. Slowdown in growth and dropout of poultry as a result of problems with the respiratory tracts may lead to a significant reduction of the operating efficiency.

Respiratory disorders can be prevented by means of an optimal ventilation and temperature control. However, a high risk of infection, impure air or low resistance, will sabotage the prevention.

Also after vaccinations snorting might arise resulting in a lesser growth, increased feed conversion and extra dropout.


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